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You are Edison - a young boy who has been tied up inside a barrel. Minute after minute the barrel keeps filling with clay. You are starting to panic. In the barrel, however, you find a radio controller, which you can use to control an RC car. Everything the RC car sees is transmitted to the barrel via a web camera. Can you make it out in time?

Key features:

  • Attach a variety of tools to the RC car by using duct tape.
  • Explore and use the environment to your best benefit.
  • Solve all the puzzles and save yourself from drowning in clay.

Developed by Marko Palmu
2017 © Avartava (avartava.com)
for Indie Game Maker Contest 2017

Credits can be found in Sculptor_credits.txt and they are also shown in the ending.

Thank you for playing! And good luck to all other developers in the contest! :) 


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The Sculptor 57 MB


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I really enjoyed the experience, the premise was quite unique! The puzzles were nicely done, just the right difficulty without being too hard. The ending was quite sudden, and I think it would've had a bigger impact if the player was told more about the characters. Excited to check more from you!

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked the game! :) Happy to hear that the difficulty level was also good since I didn't get to test it much. Thanks for the feedback also, I'll keep that in mind in my future games. 

By the way, what do you think if people would like to play these kinds of games on mobile? I'm still thinking about making some horror RPGs to be released on Google Play, for example. :)

Sorry for the late reply, didn't get a notification about the message until now!

I think it might be worth a try to release something on the mobile. Horror games on the mobile seem to be getting more popular, since most of them are easy to pick up and play, and aren't too long. Wishing you best of luck!